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Our handsome and rippling SVEN is a session IPA.

He's easy-going with less alcohol and hoppiness than some other IPAs.

Take him to the beach or to dinner, or both. He's a refreshing companion.

We use both Simcoe and Amarillo hops in the brewing so you should find both stone-fruit and citrus tones plus hints of pine in the aroma.


The Complete Samantha

(and Sven)

SVEN V card art.JPG


Que Tengo

Por ElCamino


Vincent Demonsigny

Food Pairing

Two very different types of food flavours complement the hops in an IPA: light acidity and brown proteins

Try SVEN with a watermelon and tomato salad to enjoy the hop acidity or a herbed and seared chicken breast to bring out the malt.

To combine both flavours pair SVEN with the cilantro, onion, lime and charred pork of a Mexican taco.

And then complete the meal with chocolate truffles.

Not sure which combination you prefer? Try them all again!

SVEN donut.JPG


Hardraw Force

Andrew Blakey

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