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This GOSE is made in a traditional German style with a mix of wheat and barley malt. The wort is allowed to kettle sour before being lightly hopped and flavoured with coriander and Gruissan salt.

It is a bright refreshing, slightly hazy, ale perfect for beach, pool or terrace. It is brewed with a combination of wheat and pilsner malts.

A fruity aroma greets you on the nose, there’s a light sourness in the mouth with the flavour of coriander and a slight breadiness.

Finally there is a hint of a salty Mediterranean breeze.

D is named in honour of Jack Dee the salty and sometimes sour chair of ISIHAC

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ISIHAC S52 Ep 6 from Scarborough

D gose label art.JPG


Many Many Hooks

Haley Burbine

Food Pairing

Designed to be a thirst quencher the refreshing

salty tartness cuts most dishes but especially grilled and spicy foods. (BBQ pork anyone?)

To make best use of its saltiness try it with seafood or moules. It also pairs well with omelettes, cheeses and fruit.

D may be salty and sour but it’s a beer that’s easy to get along with.

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