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Saisons were originally rustic farm-brewed lower alcohol beers to slake farmworker’s thirsts. Our Saisons are a little stronger and richer, fermented with a Canadian yeast.


SaisonN-Z is hopped with Nelson-Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Developed in New Zealand and released in 2000 its aromas include distinctive white wine characters along with fruity flavors, such as passion fruit , tangerines and  fresh crushed gooseberry. 


Art: Babeau-Bouldoux

Annette Morris



It was impossible to find any local musicians with a New Zealand connection, they all seem to have moved away. Struggling to think of N-Z music beyond Split Enz or Haka (please, neither) Google led me, via the punningly local Lorde, to the fabulous 'Help me Out'. which has been in the N-Z charts since 1st March and is still there. Turn up the sound and play it on repeat while you enjoy a SaisoN-Z with Greek salad or grilled prawns on the barbie on a sunny spring day. Choice, ay?

saison donut.JPG
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