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Originally Saisons were rustic farm-brewed lower alcohol beers to slake farmworker’s thirsts.

In this version Belgian malt and Canadian yeast combine to make this ale a little richer for the 'cooler' saisons. This pale ale is a little hoppy, fruity, a little spicy and a little sour but with a dry finish.

This SAISON is brewed with some oats in the mash but all the flavours come from the malt and the hops - in this case we used Hellertauer and Goldings

saison art.JPG



Hilary Daltry

Food Pairing

Once you’ve slaked your thirst our Saison is a delight to pair with foods.

Its light sourness will cut through the vinaigrette but not overpower a salad.

Its grassy and floral flavours will bond with a herbed chicken dish and, our favourite combination, the fruit and spicy notes can bring the angels to a BBQ platter

saison donut.JPG
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